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State meet Western (Stock) Seat pattern clarification:
Q: In elements 4 and 5, the written description states to do the haunch turn in the center of the circles, but it is drawn showing it before the center. Which is it?
A: The haunch turn should be done in the center of the circles. A drawn diagram of a pattern that incorporates circles and a haunch turn within the circles will have the turn offset from the circles in the drawn portion. This allows the rider to see that there is a haunch turn required, but all turn(s) should be done in the center of the circles.

News regarding EHV-1 outbreak in the State of Oregon:

On Thursday, May 7th, the OHSET State Board made the decision to cancel the upcoming OHSET state meet in an abundance of caution. They are in the process of gathering more information and getting feedback from OHSET athletes and parents regarding their next step. This decision directly affects PNWIC and the PNWIC Board will be addressing this following the upcoming WAHSET State Competition.

This action has not affected the WAHSET State Competition. The WAHSET State Board is closely monitoring the situation and will make prudent decisions as circumstances dictate. WAHSET encourages athletes to always follow best practices regarding bio-security at any competition.

Link to OHSET State Board memorandum

IMPORTANT NOTE (UPDATED) concerning WAHSET State Meet Reining Pattern:

The New Reining Pattern has been released!

Revision 1 to the 2015 State Meet Patterns has been released!

New 2015 State Meet Reining Pattern has been released!

State meet information:
List of Hotels
Map of Grant County Fairgrounds

Proposed rule changes are due to your District Chairperson by May 20, 2015. Your District Chairperson will then review all proposed changes from his/her district. Your Chairperson may ask you for clarification and/or clarify your proposed change to best align with the founding principles of the WAHSET organization. Your District Chairperson will then send a compilation of proposed changes from your District to the State Secretary by May 25, 2015. The appointed Rules Committee with then review all proposed changes, clarifying when necessary (for example, to align with other areas of the rule book). A final compilation of proposed rule changes will be sent to District Chairpersons to share with members of their district 30-days prior to being voted on at the July state board meeting. Click here for the PROPOSED RULE CHANGES FORM

The 2014-2015 Pattern Demo Videos are posted on the website!

The 2014-2015 patterns have been released!

The 2014-2015 drawn drill maneuvers have been released.

The WAHSET Rule Book has been updated for the 2014-2015 season.

The WAHSET Rule Book 2014 changes file contains only the pages affected by the 2014 revision - allowing you to print only the revised pages and file them in your paper copy of the WAHSET Rule Book.

The September 2014 Newsletter is posted!

The 2014-2015 Registration Forms are now on the website!

Please note that the signed Concussion Information Form is a mandatory document in the athlete's registration package!

The PNWIC results have been posted - congratulations everyone on a successful meet!

Congratulations to the 2014 WAHSET Scholarship winners:
District 1: Catie Himes
District 2: Shelby Felder
District 3: Mattie Olson
District 4: Emily Bozarth
District 5: Cheyenne Rosander
District 6: Cassidy Stobart

Congratulations everyone on a successful 2014 season! The 2014 State Meet Results and updated State Records are now available!

Check out the calendar page for the latest information on upcoming events!

Interested in forming a High School Equestrian team for your school? Unsure if your school currently has a team? Or just interested in more information about WAHSET, click here!


Follow this link to the current state record holder page!

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